Wishing to buy from us at one of our online clearing sales?

See the below instruction guide to help you do this in 8 easy steps!


1. Register or make an account on the AuctionsPlus website (auctionsplus.com.au) 


2. Complete a buyer induction

This will help you understand the rules and responsibilities that are required of everyone using the AuctionsPlus website.


3. View catalogue

Click on the sale or auction you wish to look at and view the catalogue which will include the lot numbers, items, descriptions and photos of all of the items being sold in the clearing sale or auction.


4. Start bidding

Once the clearing sale or auction has gone live, login to your account, find the clearing sale or auction you wish to participate in and start bidding! You can access the sale anywhere on any device including computer, phone, iPad, etc. (however, you must be connected to the internet!).


5. Don't have time to watch your items? Auto bid is the answer!

Set the maximum amount of money you wish to pay in the auto bid box of a specific lot number, and it will bid for you until that amount has been reached.


6. If you are a successful bidder

Our office will be contacted by AuctionsPlus and give us a full list of the successful bidders.


7. Payment

We will send you an email with your invoice attached and the details on how to pay. Once you have paid, we will send you a receipt via email which you will need to take with you to pick up your items. 


8. Collection

We will include the collection dates and times in the email with your invoice. All items must be collected on the specific dates and times stated for security reasons and due to COVID-19.


Nutrien Russell: (02) 6836 2234

David Russell: 0418 636 050

Please contact AuctionsPlus for all enquiries that are regarding their website


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